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Four defense industry employees arrested for espionage

( Source: China Military Online  )         2015-July-15 17:27

  BEIJING, July 15 (ChinaMil) -- Sichuan's national security department has launched a "Demining" special operation against foreign espionage in China's national defense and military technology industry, West China City Daily reported on July 14.

  Four people suspected of endangering national security have been arrested. The four people are employees of the same national defense enterprise. They didn't know each other but were respectively utilized by foreign spy intelligence agencies.

  This is the first time for China's national security organ in Sichuan to disclose spy cases in the recent decade.

  1. "Foreign correspondent" buys internal information

  One day in October 2014, a post-90s employee surnamed Wen began to play the mobile QQ as usual. Wen was working in the heat meter workshop of a national defense enterprise.

  Suddenly, a new user "H" appeared in the "nearby" section of the QQ and H’s profile said "nearby workers who want part-time jobs can contact me".

  "H" was overjoyed after Wen said he was an employee of the national defense enterprise. "H" claimed himself to be a foreign newspaper reporter. He asked Wen to provide internal information of Wen’s work and promised to pay 3,200 yuan a month in return.

  Tempted by the large sum of money, Wen has provided a number of confidential information including military product model, monthly production and special materials used for production.

  2. Temptations of well-paid "QQ part-time job"

  Wang is a post-90s employee of the technology department of the same enterprise. Wang's parents are all public servants. However, Wang was not satisfied about his salary and he met “H” while looking for part-time jobs.

  At that time, Wang was dazzled by the monthly income of 3,000 yuan for that part-time job. He thought that providing the enterprise's dynamic situation information is just like "playing the edge ball", as long as it does not contain confidential information.

  Wang has provided "H" with design finalization situation of military products, sample number, test time node, failure and other information. Wang was bitterly remorseful after he was arrested.

  3. Temptations of million yuan of salary a year

  In 2014, an employee of the same enterprise surnamed Wu, had the idea of resigning after ten years' working experience. Wu put his resume on a recruitment website and left his telephone number. In the work experience section, Wu wrote: "I have worked in a national defense enterprise".

  Soon, Wu received an e-mail from a "headhunter consultant" asking for proof of his work experience. Wu scanned his employment contract, his employee card with his photograph, department and name and sent them to the consultant’s email.

  Wu was quickly noticed that he was hired and his job was to provide inside information of that national defense enterprise. The annual salary is from 500,000 to 1,200,000 yuan!

  Wu hesitated in front of such an abundant salary. Wu knew that the consultant might be a foreign spy. However, Wu's indecision has made him the major target of foreign espionage.

  4. "Foreign friend" seeks espionage target

  In early 2013, an employee in the technology department surnamed Li received a call from his brother. Li's brother said that a foreign friend "S" would like to know something about aerospace.

  Li refused out of security concern. But after his brother's repeated persuasion, Li finally established connection with "S".

  "S" pretended to do market research for his company to enter in the aerospace industry and asked Li to collect journals, magazines, papers and other information on aerospace and aviation. "S" also persuaded Li to work harder to become a leader so that he can provide more help in the future.

  Due to strict internal data management rules of the enterprise, Li failed to borrow required materials and didn’t complete the task.

  To make up for that, Li recommended his friend surnamed Cheng, a graduate student at an aeronautics and astronautics university, to "S". Cheng was subverted and Li became an accomplice of that foreign espionage and intelligence agency.

Editor :  Yao Jianing