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Defense industry civil-military integrated development expo to kick off in Beijing

( Source: China Military Online  )         2015-July-2 16:18

  BEIJING, July 2 (ChinaMil) -- The achievement expo of China's defense industry civil-military integration development will be held in the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing from July 16 to 25, 2015.

  The expo is sponsored by China Association of Peaceful Uses for Military Industrial Technologies and jointly hosted by China National Nuclear Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

  The expo will showcase the results of civil-military integration development of the defense industry in recent years and demonstrates the role of military high-tech in leading national scientific and technological innovation as well as in contributing to China's economic and social development.

  In the exhibition area of about 20,000 square meters, major achievements and products of the defense-related technologies converted for civil use will be displayed with real products and models, accompanied by pictures, texts and videos. Meanwhile, advanced technologies and products of military enterprises and private enterprises in support of weaponry research and production will also have their debut in the expo.

  During the ten days' expo, a forum on civil-military integration development of the defense industry will also be held. Leaders and experts from the government, the military, defense industry enterprises and private companies will attend the forum.

Editor :  Ouyang Dongmei