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Nation offers more incentives to attract college students to join army

( Source: China Military Online  )         2015-May-14 17:31

  BEIJING, May 14 (ChinaMil) -- The Conscription Office of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Department of College Students of the Ministry of Education (MOE) jointly held a network video meeting on this year's conscription of college students in Beijing on May 13.

  Apart from the previous preferential policies, six new measures to encourage college students to take military service have also been launched by the MOE as follows: A special master degree candidate enrollment plan has been made for the demobilized college-student soldiers. The military service experience is incorporated into the selection index system for the recommended master degree candidates who will be given exemption from the post-graduate school entrance exams. The conscripts who are undergraduate students or new entrants are included into the beneficiaries who win extra points in the post-graduate school entrance exams. An independent enrollment plan has been made for the demobilized soldiers with junior college educations who want to pursue bachelor's degrees. Brochures on preferential conscription policies will be put into the college admission letters in 2015. Limitations for the demobilized college-student soldiers to shift to other majors when they resume their college studies will be loosened.

  The Chinese Defense Ministry has opened a conscription website ( ) for online application.

  The general headquarters/departments of the PLA will also issue the newly revised physical examination standard and method to create more favorable and convenient conditions for the qualified youths to join the PLA, according to sources.

Editor :  Guo Renjie