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China: U.S. hacking report groundless

( Source: China Military Online  )         2014-September-22 16:36

  BEIJING, September 22 (MOD) -- Geng Yansheng, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense (MND), said on September 20, 2014 that the report released by the U.S. accusing China of hacking is completely groundless and ill-founded.

  Geng Yansheng pointed out that the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services released a so-called China hacking report, lodging irresponsible assaults and accusations against China. The U.S. report is completely groundless and ill-founded.

  He stressed that neither the Chinese government nor its military has ever engaged in or supported any cyber attack or espionage activities. China consistently and firmly objects and cracks down on such crimes as cyber attacks according to law.

  Geng Yansheng noted that China is one of the major victims of hacker attacks in the world facing severe threat of cyber attack. China has obtained sufficient evidence for cyber attacks against it from overseas.

  Geng Yansheng emphasized that it has been more than one year after the “PRISM” event, the U.S. should reflect on its own actions of cyber espionage, wiretapping and monitoring on high-ranking foreign government officials, enterprises and individuals, and provide clear explanations to China and the international community. We urge the U.S. side to do something helpful for the cyber peace and security instead of something opposite.

  Background: U.S. claims hacking by Chinese military-related hackers 20 times

  The U.S. Senate released a report on September 17, claiming that hackers related with the Chinese military hacked the computer system of private transportation companies serving the U.S. military 20 times in the year.

  According to the media, this report is based on a one-year-long investigation and involves 79 subcontractors of the U.S. Transportation Command (US TRANSCOM).

  The investigation claimed that hackers related with the Chinese military tried to hack into those enterprises at least 20 times from June 2012 to May 2013 and succeeded nine times, with only two hacking detected by the US TRANSCOM.

  The US TRANSCOM is responsible for the logistics and dispatching of the entire U.S. military, and those enterprises are tasked to transport U.S. soldiers and military equipment.

Editor :  Dong Zhaohui