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People's Daily scolds ousted military leader

( Source: Xinhua  )         2014-July-3 08:31

  BEIJING, July 2 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China's People's Daily has scolded the ousted Xu Caihou as a "borer" in the military.

  "The 'borers' in the army must be dug out, the corruption must be wiped out," according to a commentary to be carried in the newspaper's Thursday edition.

  The Chinese army has always been known as highly disciplined and never commits the slightest offence. But, after all, the army is not a vacuum and negative elements and corruption can find their way into its "body," the commentary says.

  The Party on Monday expelled Xu, former vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission, among four heavyweight officials. He was cited for bribery and may face prosecution as his case has been forwarded to prosecutors.

  Xu's presence in the army was a tarnishing of the army's image, which can never be allowed, says the commentary. But it points out that individual corrupt figure can not represent the military's image, and Xu's expulsion has demonstrated the military's firm stance of never allowing a blemish.

  The military will never have a place for the corrupt to hide. The serious handling of Xu's case will have a big effect in keeping the military clean, shoring up morale and safeguarding the image of the army, according to the commentary.

  China will insist on governing the military in a stern manner and resolutely opposing corruption and privilege, it adds.

Editor :  Yao Jianing