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PLA updates database of human body parameter measurements

( Source: China Military Online  )         2014-February-18 17:00

  BEIJING, February 18 (ChinaMil) -- The survey and collection of the human body characteristic parameters for the Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAA), conducted by a research institute of the Academy of Chemical Defense under the General Armaments Department (GAD) of the PLA, was recently completed with a new database of human parameter measurements established.

  According to the person in charge of the project, the armaments produced in line with the newly established database prove easier to use.

  Statistics show that, compared with that of 20 years ago, the average height of officers and men of the PLA increases by 2 cm, and waistline increases by 5 cm. The changes in the physical shape of officers and men have brought increasingly urgent needs to adjust the "specifications" of equipment. For instances, a type of tank designed and manufactured according to the human body parameters 30 years ago will make normal people seated in the steering cabin feel restrained, and the short rifle stock will affect the precision of shooting.

  According to the briefing, the research institute started in 2009 to collect the basic data of physical characteristics of 20,000-plus in-service army officers and men in each age range and has identified the physical differences in human body through characteristics such as the size of each part of human body, force capacity of each limb, movement angles of each joint as well as the physical and psychological characteristics, so as to provide the PLA Army with references for the equipment design and manufacture as well as the medical scientific research.

  The contents of this survey of human body basic data were increased from the original 7 items to 28. The new database also incorporates human ergonomic parameters into the collection for the first time, in a bid to realize the maximal "human-equipment integration".

  For example, the data collection of the force capacity of hand muscles will make sure the best exerted force to trigger a pistol so as to avoid shooting precision due to the over-exertion of finger forces and misfire due to the over-easiness of the triggering.

  This database has so far provided scientific basis for the design and finalization of various equipment of the artillery, armored force, engineer force, chemical defense force and so on.

Editor :  Guo Renjie