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CMC vice chairman stresses effective anti-corruption

( Source: China Military Online  )         2014-January-17 09:30

  BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Anti-corruption efforts in China's military need to be stepped up, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) Xu Qiliang said on Thursday.

  He also called on the military's disciplinary authorities to diligently practice their duty.

  Xu made the remarks at a meeting on disciplinary inspection work in the country's armed forces.

  The speech by President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping on anti-corruption revealed the resolve of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to assert discipline, punish corrupt officials and maintain the purity of the Party, Xu said.

  Party committees and disciplinary authorities at all levels in the military should take effective measures to advance the anti-corruption drive with deeper understanding, stronger will, higher standards and greater courage, Xu said.

  Efforts to prevent and punish corrupt behaviors should be carried out to ensure the military is well organized and disciplined, Xu said.

  Disciplinary inspection authorities should uphold the Party's and the military's disciplines as their foremost duty. They should diligently work to ensure the disciplines are strictly enforced, with offenders being held accountable and regulations being properly observed, he said.

  Authorities should be vigilant about discipline enforcement at all times, he said.

  Xu said the disciplinary and supervisory authorities should make more effort in building a strong army and they should intensify their supervision over the army's implementation of command of the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and the CMC Chairman Xi, to ensure that their orders are smoothly conveyed and followed.

  Xu urged better oversight of the military's construction projects as well as armament research, production and procurement.

  He also stressed loyalty and integrity of discipline enforcers.

Editor :  Zhang Tao