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Significant breakthrough made in PLA’s terminal sensing ammunition technology

( Source: PLA Daily  )         2012-April-9 17:11


The picture shows the moment of testing launch of a rocket projectile. (By Ma Yufei)

       It is no longer a dream for artillery soldiers to equip the projectile with eyes when the Baicheng Weapon Test Center of China released the good news on April 6, 2012 that a significant breakthrough had been made by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in its technology of the Terminal Sensing Ammunition (TSA), “Smart Ammunition”. The PLA has presently completed the theory system including design, analysis, simulation, test and evaluation of the “Smart Ammunition” technology of the TSA.

       The reporters saw at the Baicheng Weapon Test Center that the terminal sensing projectile whizzed out in a big bang at the commander's command and flew over the target site when it discharged the terminal sensing sub-projectiles one by one, which ejected mini-parachutes immediately and searched for targets automatically. Each of them hit the target in precision.

       As explained by Wang Huaijun, test conductor from a department of the test center, “The terminal sensing ammunition, also known as sensor-detonated ammunition, is the ‘smart ammunition’ which can scan the existence of the target at the end of its ballistic trajectory and direct its combat part to explode in the target's direction.”

       According to the briefing, the design of the TSA usually incorporates the structure of the cluster submunition. The cluster is loaded with multiple sub-projectiles which deliver strong lethal power. The TSA can be fired or launched by cannons, long-range missiles or airborne weapons, and specifically aims to attack the “head bones” - the roof armor - of grouped tanks.

       The person in charge of the TSA said, “While the combat part of the TSA is ejected out and penetrated the roof armor of the tank, it can simultaneously produce massive amount of fragments to kill personnel and destroy equipment so as to achieve excellent combat performance”.

       By Lu Yanming and Zhang Xiaoqi

Editor :  Zhang Tao