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Chengdu MAC air force conducts information-based drill

( Source: PLA Daily  )         2012-March-20 17:37

The picture shows that two airplanes are taking off.

The picture shows that an airplane is attacking its target.

The picture shows that the target was hit accurately.

  The air force of the Chengdu Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted an around-the-clock live-ammunition bombing drill under information-based conditions at an airport on a frigid plateau with an elevation of 3,500 meters as scheduled in early March. The drill focused on accurately striking simulated targets with diverse properties in light of actual combat.

  The all organic personnel and equipment of aviation troops, radar troops, signal troops, airport engineers and other arms as well as elements participated in the drill. At various time intervals from small hours, daybreak to daytime, more than one new-type fighter planes conducted rapid maneuver, made long-range rapid raid and struck different kinds of targets successfully, fully testing the high-altitude combat capability of its troops.

  With a view to its missions and tasks, the air force of the Chengdu MAC has organized such highly-difficult training subjects as test flight, trial flight and air patrol for many times in recent years, further ascertaining the fully-functional usage rule and strike effectiveness of weaponry and equipment in a high-altitude and complex environment and effectively enhancing the all-weather and around-the-clock combat capability of its troop units in all territories.

  By Su Hongji, Liu Chang and Zhu Qianli

Editor :  Cui Xinwen