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Appendix I Joint Exercise and Training with Foreign Armed Forces

( Source: China Military Online  )         2013-April-19 10:34





March 5-30

“Shaheen-1” China-Pakistan Air Force Joint Training


March 8-12

“Peace-11” Multinational Naval Exercise

Waters off Karachi, Pakistan

June 5-17

“sharp Knife-2011” China-Indonesia Special Forces Joint Training

Bandung, Indonesia

July 5-15

“Divine Eagle-2011” China-Belarus Airborne Troops Joint Training

Baranovichi, Belarus

Oct.14-Nov. 13

China-Venezuela Joint SOF Training



“Friendship-2011” China-Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Training


Nov. 28-Dec. 1

“cooperation Spirit-2011” China-Australia Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Actual-Troop Exercise

Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China


April 22-27

“Maritime Cooperation-2012” China-Russia Maritime Joint Exercises

Waters off the Yellow Sea near Qingdao, Shandong provinceChina

May 11-25

“Blue Strike-2012” China-Thailand Marine Training

Zhanjiang and Shanwei, Guangdong Province, China


“Peace Mission-2012” Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise by SCO Member States

Khujand, Tajikistan

July 3-15

“Sharp Knife-2012” China-Indonesia Special Forces Training

Jinan, Shandong Province, China

Sept. 17

China-US Joint Anti-Piracy Drill

Central and western waters, Gulf of Aden

Sept. 10-25

“Cormorant Strike-2012” Joint Exercises of Special Forces

Eastern coast, SriLanka

Oct. 29-31

“Cooperation Spirit-2012” China-Australia-New Zealand Exercise on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Brisbane, Australia

Nov. 16-30

China_Jordan Anti-Terrorism Training of Special Forces

Amman, Jordan

Nov. 26-Dec. 7

“Divine Eagle-2012” China-Belarus Airborne Troops Training

Xiaogan, Hubei Province, China

Nov. 20-Dec. 19

China-Colombia Training of Special Forces

Bogota, Colombia

Nov. 29-30

China-US Joint Humanitarian-Assistance and Disaster-Relief Tabletop Exercise

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Editor :  Zhang Tao