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V. National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force Building

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  Reserve Force Building

  With active servicemen as its backbone and reserve officers and men as its foundation, the reserve force is an armed force formed in line with the unified structure and organization of the PLA. It is under the dual leadership of the PLA and local Party committees and governments. The positions of chief military and political leaders at all levels and principal department leaders, as well as a proportion of the staff members and professionals and specialists, are assumed by active servicemen. Reserve officers are chosen mainly from qualified retired servicemen, civil officials, cadres of the people's armed forces departments, cadres of the militia and civilian technicians with the appropriate military specialties. Reserve soldiers are chosen mainly from qualified discharged soldiers, trained primary militia members, and civilians with the appropriate military specialties.

  In recent years, the reserve force has undergone consistent improvement in various aspects of its building and reform. It works to improve its organizational models on a regional basis, to explore a systematic and organic organizational model based on new and high-tech industries, and to develop such organizational models as personnel-and-equipment organization, trans-regional organization and community-based organization. Based on possible wartime assignments, the reserve force has revised and updated the guidelines for its military training and evaluation, strengthened integrated training with active PLA units, and conducted on-base, simulated and networked training. Reserve officers and men are required to devote 240 hours to political education and military training each year. To be able to respond to emergencies in peacetime and to fight in war, the focus of the reserve force is shifting from quantity and scale to quality and efficiency, from a combat role to a support role, and from the provision of general-purpose soldiers to soldiers with special skills. It is working to become an efficient auxiliary to the active force and a strong component of the national defense reserve.

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